"Just as individual men are generally reluctant to seek help for a health problem, collectively men have not lobbied for better health services for their gender. Unlike the women's health movement, men's health has largely developed from the "top down" initiatives led by health professionals and policymakers rather than from "bottom up" pressure from "ordinary" men. Men have not yet begun to develop the kinds of grassroots health campaigns that have been such an important feature of the women's health movement."

(From Baker P. The men's health movement around the world. Program and abstracts of the First World Congress on Men's Health; November 2-4, 2001; Vienna, Austria. Page 52.)


This site is maintained by a small group of male residents of Alice Springs who have begun a grass roots campaign to develop appropriate health services for men of Central Australia.

The purpose of this site is to help disseminate information about the group's aims and activities.

To contact us email menshealth@ozemail.com.au

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